Thor Financial Technologies

Thor challenges the status quo that plagues the investment options for today’s advisors and their clients. For more than a half-century, financial services have rejected outside thinking and relied on decades-old group think when it comes to investment management. While every other industry has embraced technology, benefited from its enhancements, and rethought old ways, financial services haven’t. It’s time that changed. First in class research, data analysis, and science can eliminate biases that prevent investments from reaching their potential. 

Leadership Team

Brad Roth — CIO & Portfolio Manager


  • BS Accounting; Duquesne University
  • Certificate in Financial Planning; New York University


  • 09/2019-Present - Managing Member & CCO, Thor Financial Technologies, LLC
  • 01/2014–Present - Owner & Licensed Insurance
  • Agent McDowell Associates: 11
  • 04/2013 –Present - Managing Partner–Chief Compliance Officer; Kattan Ferretti Financial L.P.
  • 01/2015–02/2017 - Partner & Co-Founder; Sardonyx Capital Management, LLC & Sardonyx Capital Advisors, LLC



THOR uses science not math to react to changes in market cycles in real time. Math is linear, markets are not.

Our process is run on every single holding inside your client portfolio inreal time. We bring millions of data points a day into our system and run surveillance on any risks to your clients' holdings

Too many managers are focused on generating alpha over a benchmark.What this leads to is unnecessary risk taking and larger drawdowns.

THOR figured out that if you focus on managing the risk inside of a portfolio, you not only have a smoother ride, but have much better risk adjusted returns over the long term.

This leads to less panic for clients when markets are experiencing volatility and peace of mind for you that we have an unemotional and scientific way to protect your client's money and when it is safe to get back in.