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Capable of analyzing and interpreting massive amounts of data, THOR gives the RIA the insight needed to create the best strategies and manage portfolios.


With THOR's better data comes less volatility in the strategy via portfolios that adapt to market conditions.  This means strategies that withstand the test of time and set the RIA up as the expert today and tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow and...


Because THOR's strategies fluctuate less and yield higher returns, downward turns in the market affect the investor less. This translates to less conflict for the RIA and circumnavigates the need to always be massaging client concerns. 

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THOR uses analytics and data science to address each of the dilemmas listed above and allows the RIA to operate at the highest level of his or her expertise.

The Challenge of Modern Portfolio Management


The overwhelming amount of market data needing to be reviewed, analyzed, and applied is simply astronomical. 


Strategies often live at the whim of the markets and take significant hits when bear markets strike.  


Clients are fickle, and downward trends are morale killers.  When the markets fluctuate, so does the resolve of clients.  

See The Power Of Thor

Thor Financial

There are dilemmas at the heart of the RIA experience.  Dilemmas with clients, with the strategies, and with the logistics at the center of being a truly competent RIA. THOR strikes at the heart of these issues, providing real-time solutions to these dilemmas.  


to Begin?

The RIA of the future is bold.  And together with UX Wealth, a new frontier is at hand.  To learn more about seeing a demo of the UX Platform in action, click the link below.

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