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AI Funds was launched by Dr. Tal Schwartz with the mission to lead a new era of Artificial Intelligence Managed Investing. Dissatisfied with the current state of investment management, Dr. Schwartz leveraged his academic and industry experience to pioneer a new AI-based approach to active portfolio management which he believes is superior to traditional strategies.

Building predictive models requires extensive quantitative research and signals that achieve Alpha. Adapting to changing market conditions and sector rotations requires continuous monitoring of key indicators and systemization. StockSnips enables investors to deliver better outcomes and downside protection to clients.


Thor challenges the status quo that plagues the investment options for today’s advisors and their clients. For more than a half-century, financial services have rejected outside thinking and relied on decades-old group think when it comes to investment management. 

By combining practical experience with the latest research in finance, portfolio management and AI, we've created a unique and innovative approach to portfolio management.

Founded in 2016 and led by Marcus Kim, founder & CEO, QRAFT Technologies has been on a mission to transform investing with artificial intelligence. QRAFT was started by a group of people passionate about quantitative investing, who found success trading with their own money in their spare time. However, they quickly realized the limitations of traditional quantitative investing, and grew frustrated at both the amount of work and short life span of the strategies they were using. That frustration drove them to find a new solution to this problem: Artificial Intelligence (AI). Since 2016, QRAFT has been on a mission to transform investing with artificial intelligence.

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