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Larry Lotwin

Director of Sales

Over the 35 years of industry experience Larry has enjoyed broad range of experiences that he brings to bear in his professional relationships. Starting as an advisor in Los Angeles with one of the NY based brokerage firms, he was 2 years into his career when the market crash of 1897 occurred, the first of multiple market cycles he has witnessed throughout his career. Following that he spent nearly a decade in the Bank Investment market niche helping financial institutions create, manage, grow and distribute financial services offerings. It was in the mid-90’s when Larry had his first experience in the managed money platform business working with a firm that connected directly with RIAs delivering a technology base with portfolio solutions utilizing SMA’s and mutual funds. That experience led him back to the wirehouse channel ultimately managing a branch for one of those firms through the late 90’s in tech bust of 2000 -2002. It was from there and previous managed money experience that Larry was involved in helping create and distribute on of the larger tamp’s in the independent broker/dealer space for the next 14 years. It was from there that the path led to UX Wealth Partners, joining a team of professionals that deeply believe that there something better than same products and services he’s seen this industry bring to help investors achieve their financial goals, too often falling short in that pursuit. Larry concluded that too much time is spent on what many firms consider “value add” services, but far too little focus on the most critical issue: robust investment options intended to improve investment outcomes for advisors and their clients. As a result, UX Wealth Partners challenges old concepts like Efficient Market Theory and delivers on their mission to bring 21st-century asset management solutions to advisors believing that Financial Advisor + AI technology is a powerful combination.

In his spare time, Larry enjoys spending time outdoors, you’ll often find him on the beaches of North County San Diego, where he and his wife Janice live and on a pickleball court somewhere. Larry got his degree in Business Management from California State University, Northridge.

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