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That's why we use BAILA

The Bayesian A.I. Learning Algorithm.  Engineered to provide more comprehensive market predictability, driven by A.I. that adapts and learns as you do.  BAILA is the engine running beneath the hood of the Ai Funds machine, giving it the speed, intelligence, and automation needed to find the very best portfolios for your clients.

Portfolio Investment Management

Ai Funds

Imagine you're in traffic.  Up ahead, you see cars slowing.  

The question: which lane do you get in to beat the jam?  


This same story happens daily when it comes to portfolio management. RIAs are constantly playing the game of figuring out which portfolio is best and how to analyze and apply the constantly shifting market data.

Well, now there's a powerful new way of knowing which lane to be in.



The old understanding of predicting markets was to collect and use past data to forecast future returns.  This kind of speculation leaves too much margin to be an effective strategy.  Compounded into this dilemma is the simple fact that the complexity of the market 30 years ago pales in comparison to the market factors at work today.



Most clients don't want to tolerate inconsistent results, especially those involving significant periods of time in downward trends. While factor investment might be a, sure enough, bet for some, it's simply doesn't yield the kind of results we believe our clients or your clients deserve.

Old ways of 
managing passive investment

Collecting data, estimating returns against a variance-covariance matrix, calculating the Markowitz Efficient Frontier, and selecting static portfolios along that frontier...still produces outdated results. 


Can Help You

Ai Funds uses BAILA to optimize portfolios, factoring data, risk, and a myriad of other factors. That means you aren't making decisions based on the past or some unknown future. You're making decisions using all the information available here and now.

In real-time. 


Using AI Pattern Matching to identify patterns that predict market states in the near future - bull, bear, or something in the middle. 

Future Sleuth

Every trading period, BAILA switches between aggressive, balanced, and defensive investment postures.

Automatic Optimizer

An AI Portfolio Optimizer determines optimal asset allocation across sectors, asset classes, and geographies. 



to Begin?

The RIA of the future is bold.  And together with UX Wealth, a new frontier is at hand.  To learn more about seeing a demo of the UX Platform in action, click the link below.

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