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We build powerful, practical solutions for RIAs. With backgrounds in technology, trading, and artificial intelligence, the UX Wealth team has created tools to help RIAs build a better future for themselves and their clients. Your business is the future. With confidence and knowledge, the future goes to the bold.  



Co-Founder, CEO & CCO

Kyle’s passion is disruptive solutions. He spent a decade and a half listening to financial advisors and their clients. One thing became clear: advisors and their clients are looking for better solutions. As a leader, Kyle can deliver cutting-edge technology to help advisors grow their businesses, create better value-add, and improve investment outcomes for clients.




Kevin has over 25 years of experience in the investment management industry, initially focusing on product distribution leadership in both the retail and institutional space. More recently, Kevin has focused on private co-investments with family offices and building teams around algorithm-based investment strategies designed to challenge the status quo.



Director of Client Experience

Bridget has worked in the financial services industry for over 15 years. After graduating from the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business, she joined a $10 billion RIA where she provided concierge services to top advisors and later to portfolio managers across the country. She has a holistic view of the financial industry and a deep understanding of RIA operations that emphasize a commitment to service and diligence for advisors and their clients. Bridget’s experience provides her with the ability to help advisors and their staff create elegant solutions to better serve clients and streamline operations. 



Director of Sales

Larry has over 35 years of industry experience as an advisor in-branch and sales management, product distribution, and consulting. Larry concluded that too much time is spent on what many firms consider “value add” services, but far too little focus on the most critical issue: robust investment options intended to improve investment outcomes for advisors and their clients. As a result, he joined UX Wealth Partners and their mission to bring 21st-century asset management solutions to advisors believing that Advisor + AI is a powerful combination.

Founding Team

Your business is the future. Ours is to get you there.  


The UX Wealth Founding Team is comprised of some of the most brilliant minds in the financial-tech world, leveraging their expertise on your behalf.  

The Game Is Afoot

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Our Blog. Made for You. 

The world of financial technology is quickly changing.  In this evolving landscape, we've taken the time to write down some of our best insights on the current market, as well as some thoughts on the potential future of the financial services world.  We invite you to partake in these insights.

Man In The Machine

How UX Is Returning the Human to AI Portfolio Automation. Read More...


to Begin?

The RIA of the future is bold.  And together with UX Wealth, a new frontier is at hand.  To learn more about seeing a demo of the UX Platform in action, click the link below.

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