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UX Wealth’s S.O.T.U. - January 2022

UX Wealth's State of the Union Address 2022

Advisors need to be clearly differentiated in the marketplace, empowered by a tech suite that fuels your service model and validates fees. With the first full calendar year in the books for UX Wealth Partners, I wanted to take a moment to share key initiatives we brought to market and what's on deck for the year ahead. To bolster our hub and spoke model, we…

  • Partnered with Bridge Financial Technology to automate back-office operations with a unique advisor and client dashboard for UX Wealth advisor partners

  • Created a one-of-a-kind investment model marketplace with ETF Action that empowers advisors to display investment analytics, produce fact sheets, compare investment options, and create their own custom models on the fly

  • Joined forces with FlyerFT's Co-Pilot Investment Book of Record (IBOR) to execute investment strategies faster and with better price execution. The partnership provides access to all major RIA custodians, integrating trading directly into the advisor's desktop, and offers investment products with advanced portfolio management and order management functionality.

  • Integrated with StratiFi to help advisors better understand the factors that drive a portfolio's performance by evaluating correlation, volatility, tail risk, and concentrated stock risk

  • Raised over $1 billion in new assets focusing on RIA partnerships and offering them exclusivity in their respective markets

Our platform relies on unique technologies that use digital signal processing, AI and machine learning algorithms, and pattern matching to create dynamic portfolios for investors. This allows us to provide exclusivity to advisor partners in their respective markets and brand the platform to each advisor we serve, a combination that has powered significant growth for advisors. In the coming weeks, we'll be unveiling additional features to help advisors build better portfolios and navigate the ETF landscape and RIA model marketplace. And over the course of the year, we plan to expand on our integration partnerships to streamline the tech needs of advisors. We look forward to partnering with you in 2022 and wish you a healthy and prosperous New Year.

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