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Dec 30, 2020

Many RIA’s are the Status Quo

The Sea of Sameness

Inside the trillions of dollars invested into model portfolios, there are very few solutions that truly stand out as differentiators. Most portfolios look and perform alike, and clients are becoming increasingly aware that they are paying fees on portfolios that can now be accessed directly at much lower costs.

When advisors offer the same portfolios as everyone else, it becomes difficult for them to differentiate in an industry facing fee compression from all fronts. In this respect, it is becoming challenging for many RIAs to attract and retain client assets.

There’s never been a better time for RIAs to think deeply about how their model portfolios compare to the same models that most of the industry is positioning with their clients.

Clients Want Cruise Control

Think about how the technology of cruise control has impacted how we drive. Ralph Teeter was an inventor and mechanical engineer who came up with the idea because he was frustrated with how his friend drove. Thanks to Mr. Teeter, if you’re going to the mountains on a family trip, you can maintain a consistent speed throughout the journey. The technology recognizes and adapts to the outside environment.

Today, much like cruise control, technology can help investment portfolios adapt to changing market environments. Instead of rebalancing on an arbitrary date (like most other model portfolios), investment portfolios that use technology can adjust to various markets in real-time, creating better outcomes and deeper client engagement.

There’s a Smarter Way

At UX Wealth Partners, we offer technology-driven portfolio solutions that adapt to changing environments. Our adaptive risk monitoring, like cruise control, maintains very tight risk parameters for clients.

We offer technology around trend identification that utilizes machine learning principles to search for alpha in changing markets. These portfolios can move to cash positions during uncertain times, and they force a large universe of investments to compete for a spot in client portfolios.

All of these models are private labeled to each RIA brand and come on a technology platform that handles all trading, billing, risk monitoring, and financial planning.

You can see for yourself by watching our recorded demo HERE.


About UX Wealth Partners

Our business was born through an obsession with improving a client’s experience with your firm. We’ve created a beautiful and straightforward solution that is powered by advanced technology.

We believe that our RIA clients should be differentiated in the marketplace and empowered by a technology suite that fuels your service model and completely validates your value. Our advisors are breaking the cycle of self-defeating status quo in the industry, and we are by their side in helping them grow unbreakable businesses.


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