The 7 Things RIAs Love About UX Wealth Partners

Dec 05, 2020

2020 has been CRAZY for our business!

We’ve partnered with RIAs across the country to assist them in growing their businesses. As we enter into our next phase of selecting RIAs to use our platform, we’ve gotten some incredible feedback on what is attracting this community to our breakthrough technology.

These are the 7 main drivers of our growth:

1. Bad Experiences Give Birth to Better Business Models

We’ve spent decades at other firms, and we’ve learned from what they got wrong. The solutions we deliver to RIAs come from years of watching other companies fall short of advisor expectations. The great Richard Branson said that the best businesses come from bad experiences, and we couldn’t agree more. So much so, we named our firm UX to emphasize our commitment to creating an incredible User Experience for the advisors we partner with.

2. We Constantly Adapt

What many of our competitors fail to acknowledge is that adaptability creates all opportunities. UX was built by listening to the RIA community, understanding what they wanted, what their clients wanted, and how it should be delivered. This curiosity and humility have been the bedrock of our business model. Today, we are more nimble than we’ve ever been, and we remain steadfast in adapting to a rapidly changing environment.

3. We Worship Brand Building

Your most powerful weapon in the communities that you serve is your brand. RIA’s choose us because we allow them to private label all of our technology around their own brand. Unlike our competitors that have strict requirements and user guidelines on what can be done with their models. Our advisors revel in our commitment to helping build their brand, not ours.

4. Tech-Enabled Portfolio Strategies

The models we offer RIA partners cannot be found anywhere else. They were built exclusively for UX Wealth Partners and operate off of adaptive software. These portfolios are unemotional, completely objective, and have the ability to change in various market cycles. Our technology may be impressive, but it's not nearly as impressive as the experience it creates for our clients.

5. We Limit the Number of UX Licenses

This seemed counterintuitive to us at first, but it has become one of the many things that RIAs love about our platform. We’re not interested in serving thousands of advisors. What we want is hundreds of qualified RIAs that are looking to grow their businesses in a material way. This community has a mindset of growth, and we consider them family. We are close to all of them, as this is an important part of our business model.

6. We Make Doing Business Easier

Our portfolios allow advisors to have more meaningful conversations on how their investments are adapting to recent market environments. Our platform allows advisors one portal to integrate client data, CRM systems, risk assessment tools, financial planning software, client communication, and performance reporting. In addition, we leverage our size to get some of the best pricing on these programs and pass the savings over to our advisors.

7. We’re Just Different

Doing things that our competitors are unwilling to do makes us extremely popular with our advisors. This difference will transcend into your business, helping you offer more value to clients and prospects than the other advisors in your market. We have a winning formula, making it fun to serve our clients on a daily basis.

Here are the Questions That Drive Us:

  • What can we do that our competitors aren’t willing to do?
  • How can we prioritize our advisors’ brands over ours?
  • How can we use technology to improve investment outcomes?
  • How can we use technology to enhance the end-client experience?


About UX Wealth Partners

Our business was born through an obsession with improving a client’s experience with your firm. We’ve created a simple and beautiful solution that is powered by advanced technology.

We believe that our RIA clients should be clearly differentiated in the marketplace, and empowered by a technology suite that fuels your service model and completely validates your fees.

Our advisors are breaking the cycle of self-defeating status quo in the industry, and we are by their side in helping them grow unbreakable businesses.

To find out more about how UX Wealth Partners is changing the industry, please watch our recorded demo HERE.


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