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Dec 30, 2020

Many RIA’s are the Status Quo

The Sea of Sameness

Inside the trillions of dollars invested into model portfolios, there are very few solutions that truly stand out as differentiators. Most portfolios look and perform alike, and clients are becoming increasingly aware that they are paying fees on portfolios that can now be accessed directly at much lower costs.

When advisors offer the same portfolios as everyone else, it becomes difficult for them to differentiate in an industry facing fee compression from all fronts. In this respect, it is becoming challenging for many RIAs to attract and retain client assets.

There’s never been a better time for RIAs to think deeply about how their model portfolios compare to the same models that most of the industry is positioning with their clients.

Clients Want Cruise Control

Think about how the technology of cruise control has impacted how we drive. Ralph Teeter was an inventor and mechanical engineer who came up with the idea...

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The 7 Things RIAs Love About UX Wealth Partners

Dec 05, 2020

2020 has been CRAZY for our business!

We’ve partnered with RIAs across the country to assist them in growing their businesses. As we enter into our next phase of selecting RIAs to use our platform, we’ve gotten some incredible feedback on what is attracting this community to our breakthrough technology.

These are the 7 main drivers of our growth:

1. Bad Experiences Give Birth to Better Business Models

We’ve spent decades at other firms, and we’ve learned from what they got wrong. The solutions we deliver to RIAs come from years of watching other companies fall short of advisor expectations. The great Richard Branson said that the best businesses come from bad experiences, and we couldn’t agree more. So much so, we named our firm UX to emphasize our commitment to creating an incredible User Experience for the advisors we partner with.

2. We Constantly Adapt

What many of our competitors fail to acknowledge is that adaptability creates all...

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